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Empowering Families to Raise Children to Thrive!

Our children are each unique and beautiful, but they can also be frustrating and exhausting. One minute they can fill our hearts with pride and the next minute test our willpower like no one else on this earth. But at the end of the day, we love our sons and daughters more than anything — it’s getting through the day that proves to be the challenge. Too often, the traditional ways we are taught to nurture our children are not always enough to help them thrive. Instead, parents and children can feel as though they are merely surviving.

Now Offering TWO Locations to Serve our Community

We offer mental health, art, speech, and occupational therapy at both of our locations. In Carmel, we are located at 580 East Carmel Drive, just north of the Centier Bank and west of the 502 East Event Center. We occupy the 4th floor of a four story building with stunning views of downtown Carmel. Given our proximity to Keystone Avenue and 116th Street, this location is easily accessible to northern Marion County, all of Hamilton County, and southern Tipton County.


Our second location is at 5890 West Broadway in McCordsville, at the corner of Olio Road/ N 600 W. We are in a ranch-style house that has been converted to a business site for our clinic. Our driveway is on the north side of the road, directly after the Family Express gas station. This space boasts a fenced in patio, backyard space, and "yogarage." We added this location in 2022 to better serve our Fishers & Geist clients, as well as reach new families in surrounding Hancock County.

Both locations offer tons of natural light in four individual treatment rooms, movement gyms and arts & crafts studios!

Our Unique Approach

Let’s create a culture in your family in which both children and parents actively recognize challenges, seek solutions, welcome change and grow closer. To achieve this vision, we are offering personalized services to meet the needs of each unique child and family using a “whole brain, whole child, whole family” approach. We pride ourselves on taking the world's latest brain research to develop skills and create strategies that work for our local families!

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Both children and parents can benefit from understanding how the developing brain creates connections between how we think, feel, and act. The brain plays a central role in every aspect of a child's life where parents desire success: thinking, feeling, speaking, moving, and growing. Our brain has many different parts and the key to thriving is helping these parts work well together. We feel empowered to make changes when we understand our brain is elastic.

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Our team consists of experts in the areas of education, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, sensory integration, behavior, mental health, and wellness. Our clinicians collaborate to create a individual profile for your child while assessing all areas of development. Our team then designs an intervention unique to your child's skills and strategies you hope to cultivate. We offer a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of your child and family.

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Our goal is to engage in a transformative relationship with families to discover deep insights about their child’s brain, what it needs to be successful, and how to foster its development to reach its fullest potential. We help your entire family be happier, healthier and less stressed. Create a culture in your home that focuses on the future: thriving children becoming thriving adults.  Our team is qualified to assist your family from infancy to high school graduation!

Our Services

Click on any of the pictures below to learn more about the wide variety of services we offer. If you have any questions about what services may most benefit your family, please email or call us to discuss!

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