Classes for Children

Empower your child and family through education about the mind and body! We offer a wide variety of classes for children in preschool and elementary school. Every class focuses on critical social, emotional, and executive functioning skills. We are passionate about teaching #everykindofmind about grit, growth mindset, mindfulness, and meditation. You do not need to be a current client to attend any of our classes. On average, about a quarter of participants are also clients while the remaining three quarters come from our community! Everyone can enjoy our small class sizes taught by our licensed clinicians. Contact to register today!

*Please note, we are slowly starting to add back classes to our schedule after pausing this spring and summer due to COVID. At this time, the best way to stay up to date on all of our offerings is by following us on Facebook!

Little children and their teacher practi

Yoga Classes & Workshops

These are not your typical children’s yoga classes! What sets us apart is that your child will be learning about the cohesiveness of mind and body, in a fun and inviting atmosphere, led by licensed clinicians and brain experts. We are able to teach the science behind how our bodies and minds work, while professionally assessing each child’s abilities and tailoring the process to meet their specific needs. While our weekly yoga classes are currently on hold, we are running workshops Sundays! Click here to learn more about our Sunday 'shops!

Children playing board game - sitting ar

Social Think Tank Classes

Our social skills groups will not only help your child better understand themselves and the unique way their brain works, they will also teach your child to better navigate the complex and sometimes unpredictable social world around them! Your child will learn about the different parts of their brain and how they work with their eyes and ears to take in information from the environment. This awareness will empower your child to figure out various social cues and develop appropriate responses. Developing these strategies will help your child problem solve sticky social situations and foster quality social relationships. Click here to learn more about our social skills groups for elementary children!

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