Classes for Children

Summer 2021

Empower your child and family through education about the mind and body! We offer a wide variety of classes for children in preschool and elementary school. Every class focuses on critical social, emotional, and executive functioning skills. We are passionate about teaching #everykindofmind about grit, growth mindset, mindfulness, and meditation. You do not need to be a current client to attend any of our classes. On average, about a quarter of participants are also clients while the remaining three quarters come from our community! Everyone can enjoy our small class sizes taught by our licensed clinicians. Contact to register today!


Social Sprouts

Time: Mondays 10-10:45am

Dates: June 7th-July 19th

Ages: children aged 3-4 years old

Cost: $125 per child

Let's get social with our speech therapists! For some of our minis, social distancing has created social deficits. Sign your child up for this play group facilitated by two of our speech therapists who have designed a safe and comfortable environment for your child to practice taking turns, sharing toys, and cooperative play. Ensure a successful social start to your child's first or second year of preschool this fall!

Smiling girls sitting at table in elemen

Social Seedlings

Time: Mondays 11-11:45am

Dates: June 7th-July 19th

Ages: children aged 5-6 years old

Cost: $125 per child

Let's get social with our speech therapists! For some of our minis, social distancing has created social deficits. Sign your child up for this play group facilitated by two of our speech therapists who have designed a safe and comfortable environment for your child to practice following a group plan, confidently sharing our ideas, respectfully listening to others' thoughts, and cooperative problem solving. Ensure a successful social start to your child's last year of preschool or first year of kindergarten this fall!

Children coloring

Petite Planners

Time: Mondays 11-11:45am

Dates: June 14th-July 19th (no class June 28th)

Ages: children entering 3rd-6th grade

Cost: $125 per child

Executive functioning skills are necessary for school, but best taught through PLAY! Our occupational therapists have designed a party planning class special for this summer. Over four sessions, your child will work on a team to visualize the ideal party, figure out what steps they need to take to make the party happen, and plan for necessary materials and time. At the fifth and final class, your child will host their party and show off their strengthened skills of situational awareness, forethought of the end result, and integration of time and materials to complete a future task.

Friends at Camp

Chick Chat

Time: Mondays 12-1pm

Dates: June 21st-July 26th

Ages: girls entering 4th-6th grade

Cost: $150 per child

Calling all tween ladies... we are assembling a group of gals who will work together to build their own and each other's confidence! We'll explore how to empower ourselves by taking smart risks to help us reach our goals. Building this emotional resiliency is a stepping stone to becoming our most authentic self, but we all know it can feel intimidating doing it alone.  Our "chick chats" will help our young ladies discover tips and tricks for mindful practices, as well as coping strategies to battle feelings like insecurity and anxiety.   

Teacher and Kids in Library

Flex Friends

Time: Tuesdays 11:45-12:30pm

Dates: June 15th-July 20th

Ages: children entering 2nd-5th grade

Cost: $110 per child

Looking to build and grow your child's social awareness, flexible thinking and self-regulation skills? Your child can join our occupational therapists in a superhero-themed curriculum to learn about how their brain can overcome challenges and regulate their behavior. Our team loves using the evidence-based social-emotional SuperFlexⓇ curriculum as an engaging and motivating way to promote regulation. Sign up for this group to help your child awaken their inner superhero!

Portrait of beautiful young girls outsid


Time: Tuesdays 12:30-1:15pm

Dates: June 8th-July 20th

Ages: children entering 3rd-6th grade

Cost: $175

Siblings of children with special needs have special needs themselves. However, in the shadow of their brother or sister's needs, their own is often hidden, disguised, or ignored. There are certainly many advantages to being a sibling, such as developing more empathy, becoming more responsible, and displaying more resiliency. Yet, typically developing brothers and sisters shoulder many unique burdens. This class provides a safe space for brothers and sisters to talk about common feelings, share understanding, develop healthy coping skills, highlight siblings' strengths, and explore opportunities for advocacy.

Rear view of mother and daughter with di

Tech Talkers

Time: Tuesdays 12:30-1:15pm

Dates: June 8th-July 20th

Ages: flexible, must have basic proficiency with an AAC device

Cost: $125 per child

The first of its kind! Our creative speech therapists have designed an engaging and interactive class to help facilitate early language and social skill development using high tech speech generating devices. This class is a unique opportunity for your child to meet other peers that use a speech generating device to primarily communicate. Our clinicians will introduce and model new vocabulary with a different theme each week! All AAC devices are welcome. 

Happy Kids Huddle

Social Saplings (previously Think Tank)

Time: Tuesdays 6-6:45pm (virtual)

Dates: ongoing, monthly

Ages: children entering 2nd through 5th grade

Cost: $75 for 4 session months & $90 for 5 session months

Our social skills group will not only help your child better understand themselves and the unique way their brain works, they will also teach your child to better navigate the complex and sometimes unpredictable social world around them! Your child will learn about the different parts of their brain and how they work with their eyes and ears to take in information from the environment. This awareness will empower your child to figure out various social cues and develop appropriate responses. These strategies will help your child problem solve sticky social situations and foster quality social relationships. 

Little children and their teacher practi

Yoga Workshops (coming soon!)

Times: Wednesdays 5-7pm & Fridays 9-11am 

Dates: June 18th - August 6th

Ages: elementary school children

Cost: $45 per class

These are not your typical children’s yoga classes! What sets us apart is that your child will be learning about the cohesiveness of mind and body, in a fun and inviting atmosphere, led by licensed clinicians and brain experts. We are able to teach the science behind how our bodies and minds work, while professionally assessing each child’s abilities and tailoring the process to meet their specific needs. Click here to learn more about our popular yoga workshops!

Excited Children in Science Class

Wizard Wellness

Time: Wednesdays 11:15-12:30pm 

Dates: June 30th-August 4th

Ages: children entering 1st through 4th grade

Cost: $125 per child

Campers will escape into the wizarding world as they are introduced to mindfulness techniques
and coping skills that will assist them in discovering the true magic that comes only from
learning how to effectively identify, communicate, and regulate complicated emotions. As they
learn about and tackle new skills each week, campers will be given opportunities to earn stripes
on their magic wands, which will depict their mastery of various life skills shown to enhance
wellbeing. Each camper will explore dazzling spells, bubbling potions, magical creatures, and,
most importantly, will have a total “blast” with fellow witches and wizards while preparing to
live their best lives!

Pre School Children Eating Healthy Snack
Group of classmates having lunch during

Mini Foodies 1

Time: Wednesdays 1-1:45pm 

Dates: June 16th-July 21st

Ages: preschool children

Cost: $150 per child

Mini Foodies 2

Time: Thursdays 11:30-12:15pm 

Dates: June 17th-July 22nd

Ages: elementary school children

Cost: $150 per child

Are you struggling with a picky eater? Some days, do you feel like your child’s diet
consists of mostly chicken nuggets? We can help make mealtime enjoyable, while
expanding your child’s food choices and ensuring they get the nutrients they need to
perform their best! Our team of experts address problematic feeding behaviors, using the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach. By integrating posture, sensory, motor, behavioral/learning, and nutritional and environmental factors into mealtime, we can comprehensively engage your child in positive behaviors and expand their food repertoire in a playful, stress-free environment. Your child will explore and learn about food, while developing healthy eating habits to expand their diet and feed their mind. We also partner with Café Baby whose passion is to create fresh food free of chemicals and preservatives!

Young woman teacher and little girl on p
Cute little boy at speech therapist offi

Sound Splash 1

Time: Thursdays 10-10:45am 

Dates: June 10th-July 22nd

Ages: preschool children

Cost: $125 per child

Sound Splash 2

Time: Thursdays 11-11:45am 

Dates: June 10th-July 22nd

Ages: elementary school children (will divide into lower & upper groups)

Cost: $125 per child

Take a dive into our sound pond and splash around with our speech therapists! If your child receives speech services through the school or if you are looking to clean up your child's articulation this summer, then this is the spot for you! Developmentally appropriate speech sounds will be targeted through fun and engaging activities and information will be sent home to help support your child’s ongoing speech sound acquisition.  

Teacher and Student

Pencil Pals

Time: Thursdays 1-1:45pm 

Dates: June 17th-July 22nd (no class July 1st) 

Ages: elementary school children

Cost: $95 per child

Spacing, sizing, spatial organization, oh my! These common handwriting difficulties can make school work challenging for any child. Follow along evidence-based curriculum through the Size Matters Handwriting ProgramⓇ to increase handwriting legibility and remove barriers at school. This camp is intended for elementary kids that already have the basic formation of uppercase and lowercase letters. Class participants will learn about the three letter sizes in a fun and engaging way that encourages quick progress!

Children Arriving at School

Mini Kindy

Time: Monday-Thursday 9-11am 

Dates: July 26th-29th

Ages: children entering kindergarten this fall

Cost: $150 per child

There is more to success in kindergarten that learning the ABCs and 123s. You want your child to enjoy meaningful relationships, be caring and compassionate, work hard and be responsible, and feel good about who they are. Back by popular demand, this special "jump start" program is designed for children entering kindergarten in 2021 or 2022. Enhance your child's ability to successfully navigate classroom basics: focusing on the teacher during circle times, following directions during transition times, and taking turns with peers during social times. Fine tune fine motor skills, gear up on gross motor skills, and light up those literacy skills! And last but certainly not least, become aware of the mixed feelings that accompany starting a new year.