Counseling children

Educational Consulting

It's so frustrating to hear your child is struggling in the classroom. You know your child has the heart to succeed, but it's discouraging to receive feedback from the teacher that your child is not meeting the classroom's expectations. Does your child lack the fundamental brain-based skills to be successful in the classroom? Does the teacher struggle with differentiating the curriculum? Does the classroom environment need to be modified? These are all questions you contemplate over and over as you attempt to discover a solution for your child's struggles.

We specialize in educational consulting for children who are high ability (gifted or talented), who have attention or regulation struggles, who have behavior or emotional difficulties, or who have learning disorders or disabilities. We facilitate positive and proactive communication and cooperation between the child, the family, and the school. We all work effectively together to plan and implement strategies that help your child learn and thrive in the classroom.

Here are the steps we will take to ensure academic success for your child:

               Discuss your child's developmental history and your current concerns

               Conduct a classroom observation to further explore strengths and weaknesses

               Complete developmental assessments to determine unique learning needs

               Foster a collaborative relationship with the teacher(s) to develop classroom accommodations

               Set clear and attainable learning objectives and classroom/ curriculum modifications

               Monitor progress towards individualized goals


               Make ongoing adjustments to ensure continued success

               Meet with teachers and school administration as needed for consults, team meetings, 504 plans, or  

               Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings