Preschool Teacher and Students

Mini Kindy Classes

There is more to success in kindergarten than learning ABCs and 123s! You want your child to enjoy meaningful relationships, be caring and compassionate, work hard and be responsible, and feel good about who they are. At Mini Minds, we know these are the most formative years in your child’s life and the skills and tools they learn now will serve them for the rest of their academic career and into adulthood.

Our Mini Kindy classes are designed to serve as a supplement to your child's current preschool by engaging the “whole child” and filling in the gaps between social, emotional and academic learning. Preparing your child for kindergarten is about teaching them how to foster relationships, problem solve and regulate their emotions. Our students learn kindergarten readiness skills from your local experts in education and brain science. Offer your child a head start on a lifelong love of learning and brain growth by signing up for Mini Kindy classes today!


Each class is co-facilitated by two of our masters-level, licensed clinicians. Drop-in for one session, or join us every week! Every class is $15 for child + caregiver with advanced registration or $20 for child + caregiver at the door. Contact to reserve your spots today!  


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Literacy development starts early in life and is highly correlated with academic achievement for years to come. This class utilizes concepts from two evidence-based practices: Handwriting Without Tears and The Lindamood Phoneme Sequences. Your child’s pre-literacy skills will be shaped with hands-on fine motor and phonemic awareness activities, making a more meaningful and memorable experience for literacy skills to grow! Parents will learn activities to carryover learning to the home.

Every Thursday from 11am-11:45am. Co-facilitated by our Speech Therapist Erin and our Occupational Therapist Meghan. Contact to reserve your spots today!

Mini Yogis

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Come stretch, run, jump, and climb in our preschool yoga and movement-based sensorimotor class! Each lesson will have a creative and engaging theme that follows a developmental sequence that includes vestibular, proprioceptive, balance, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor activities. Parents participate the entire time and learn activities to carryover learning to the home! 

Every at Tuesday from 11:15am-12pm. Co-facilitated by our Occupational Therapist Jenny and our Mental Health Therapist Kate. Contact to reserve your spots today!

Asana Artists

Finger Painting

Coming soon!     Transform the yoga mat into a creative platform for self-expression and self-confidence! This class offers a unique combination of yoga and art therapy to explore feelings, expand our social and emotional vocabulary, learn how to change our thoughts from negative to positive, and leave empowered to spread kindness in our family and our community.

Calm Kids

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Coming soon!     Our body is just like a car engine - sometimes you rev it up so you can be quick and nimble, while other times you need to pump your breaks so you can focus and attend. Your child will learn the importance of self-regulation, or the inner drive that moves us through the day. This class is packed with activities that move children through crazy to calm.

Mighty Minds

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Coming soon!     Grow your child's curiosity, creativity, and love of learning in this project-based class! Each session will offer a new "makerspace" with materials that encourage innovative designs and critical thinking. Prepare your preschooler for any new learning situation by giving them the gift of growth mindset!