Counseling children


Nutrition is the foundation for providing our bodies and minds with the fuel we need to perform at our best. But it can be difficult to encourage good eating habits and to make sure your child is getting the nutrients they need to properly care for their body. Working with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist provides the opportunity to work an evidence-based nutrition program and empower your child and family with the most up-to-date nutrition recommendations.

Consultations begin with identifying cognitive and behavioral symptoms that can be managed through a multidisciplinary look at cause and effect, beginning with how we fuel our bodies. A nutritional program can identify the symptoms and also help to establish the root of the problem. What we put in our bodies has a way of coming out
in the way we think, act and feel. That means, the right nutrition will produce better outcomes and happier, healthier families!

Our Mini Minds families reach out for nutritional support for lots of reasons:
- Expanding their child’s food repertoire
- Food allergies or intolerances
- Weight concerns (needing to gain or lose weight)
- Wanting/needing to follow a specific diet (vegetarianism, low carbohydrate, etc.)
- Concerns/questions about starting solid foods
- Picky eaters
- Specific diseases that nutritional management can help with (diabetes, gastrointestinal issues)
- Educational support regarding Baby Lead Weaning
- Sensory issues that affect their child’s nutritional intake

We offer individual sessions and classes to provide outpatient medical nutrition therapy with our authorized insurance provider, through Anthem. Our Registered Dietitian, Anna Busenberg, RD, CSP, CD, will help you and your family sort through all of the misinformation about health and nutrition, to enable you to give your child

the tools and knowledge they need to thrive, while making mealtime fun and stress-free!

Contact to learn more about how our Registered Dietician, Anna Busenberg, RD, CSP, CD work with families.