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Support for Parents

You had a vision of the parent you always wanted to be before you ever had children. Now you feel confused about what to say and do to help your child. You are overwhelmed and exhausted causing you to say and do things you promised you never would. You feel as though you should be able to control your child better but you haven't found strategies that work for your family. Most days are full of countless challenging moments that leave you feeling like you are merely surviving. 

Too often, the traditional ways we are taught to nurture our children are not always enough to help them thrive. Instead, parents can feel as though they are merely surviving. We specialize in helping parents more effectively support their child's emotional, social, and cognitive development with specific strategies you can use to guide your child to make associations between what they are thinking, how they are feeling, and the way they are acting. We do this by teaching parents about the key parts of their child's brain and the science behind how that influences their child's thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This work provides a space for you and your children to develop coping skills to better respond to daily life stressors with greater clarity. As a result of this work, the entire family unit begins to grow critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to make better choices in the home, the school and the community.

We are able to help families create a unique family mission statement that establishes clear expectations and boundaries for the home. We work together to design a parenting philosophy that fits your family’s values and vision. We draft and analyze various discipline methodologies aimed at reinforcing your targeted skills.

Here are some of the steps we may take to ensure your family experiences lasting emotional health:

               Ensure expectations and boundaries are clear, consistent, and respected.

               Tweak discipline methodology as needed to maintain engagement and effectiveness.

               Strengthen specific strategies to help guide your child in managing their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

               Generate mindfulness activities your entire family can benefit from to remain calm and in control.

               Practice reflection and gratitude as an additional approach for critical thinking and mindfulness.

We also specialize in helping parents adjust to a new diagnosis, whether it is a developmental diagnosis, like autism, ADHD, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, Down syndrome, or a medical disorder, like diabetes or cancer. We will
walk with you through those challenges and provide you with the support and expertise you need to navigate your journey as a family.


Many times the help we need is immediate, after becoming parents, and Mini Minds has the experts in postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, as well. No matter where you are at, as a parent, we know that it is nearly impossible to do it alone. We are here to provide families with the knowledge and skills they need to THRIVE..

We offer convenient daytime, evening, and weekend sessions to accommodate any parent's busy schedule. Contact to learn more about how you as a parent can benefit from working with one of our mental health counselors.