Megan Peck

*Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

University of Massachusetts '03

*Master of Early Childhood Special and General Education

Bank Street College '08

*Master of Clinical Social Work with Children, Youth & Families

Columbia University '08

*Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities (LEND) Fellow

Indiana University '16

*Hamilton County Leadership Academy, Class of '20

Megan Peck, MEd, MSW, LCSW

Owner, Mental Health Therapist

I went to school to learn how to be the “perfect” parent. I double-mastered in early childhood education and family psychotherapy. I spent 8 years studying and working in the most diverse and varied socio-economic part of the country. I worked in classrooms and became a licensed therapist. I dedicated the first decade of my career providing therapeutic and educational support in the community.

Then I became pregnant with my first son, and felt confident I was beyond prepared. The plan was to name him Nolan, after the great baseball player Nolan Ryan. But our Nolan had a curveball for us. He entered this world with 47 chromosomes and 6 holes in his heart. He spent most of his first five months of life at Riley Children’s Hospital, before undergoing open-heart surgery. Assuming that I was prepared for parenthood before actually meeting Nolan was absurd. Never before had I talked with doctors about tests and diagnoses for my own child, advocated for services in the schools with teachers and administrators, or carried the weight of the resulting stress on my own family and relationships. Now I’m able look at each child, parent and family through a lens of mutual understanding , as the mother of a child who doesn’t follow any sort of playbook and as an experienced professional helping families harness developmental, emotional and behavioral approaches to feel more in control and connected to one another. 

During Nolan’s time at Riley, I delved back in to my education with new perspective. I
completed my fellowship at Indiana University in Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities (LEND). I became the Founding President of the Indianapolis location of GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center, where I assembled and led a team of 15 people from idea to inception to grand opening. 


When I created Mini Minds, I wanted ALL families to have a place to engage in a transformative relationship to discover deep insights about their child’s brain, what it needs to be successful, and how best to foster development to reach full potential, with the help of leading brain experts and therapists. I believe in empowering parents, as our voices become our children’s inner talk-tapes. I am a big proponent of skill building and providing a foundation for basic social, emotional and executive functioning skills – what EVERY child needs and will use from now, through adulthood. At Mini Minds, we emphasize a growth mindset and work on critical thinking and problem solving. We utilize yoga and other kinesthetic learning to provide more feedback to the brain and create more neuropathways for better retention. We teach emotional and behavioral regulation so that our families can live happier, healthier lives.

Raising a child, or “mini mind,” to be responsible, respectful and resilient is hard work. The kind of love and support that nourishes your child is different from any other parents’ set of tools, strategies or practices for their children. 
I now have three children, each of whom is a mysterious miracle. For my own children, and every child I meet, my hope is that they will continually grow and learn in all aspects of their being, and always, always live mindful and meaningful lives.


*Bachelor of Social Work

St Mary's College '17


*Master of Social Work

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis '19

Kate Norman, MSW, LSW

Carmel Clinic Director, Mental Health Therapist

Growing up, I was always pegged as the “mom” of the group. So, it was no surprise that I chose an occupation that would allow me to work with children and families. Through my vast experience in ABA Therapy and medical social work at Riley Hospital for Children and Memorial Hospital South Bend, I have found that there is nothing more important,
impressionable, or resilient than a child’s brain.


When parenting, it is easy to get caught up in the way he or she “should” act or the way he or she “should” think but, for many kids, thinking outside the box is the only way to go. So, why not let them? Children are incredibly receptive and it is important to raise them in an environment where they feel they can thrive and feel confident. This, in turn, allows children to flourish and grow all areas of their lives, taking on challenges with assurance, from childhood through adulthood.

As a Mental Health Therapist, I provide your child with a toolbox full of different skills necessary to successfully work through life experiences, overcome obstacles and
create lasting, positive relationships. My goal is to ensure your child feels comfortable, capable, and ready to conquer the everyday world that sometimes tries to get the best of us. By using cognitive behavioral methods, empowerment, mindfulness, critical thinking and social learning, I will help your child reach their fullest potential and feel confident to take on new challenges.
What I enjoy most about social work practice and mental health therapy is the focus on the
individual. I can create and nurture an important relationship with a child and their family that is truly special and unique. No two children are the same. I am grateful for the opportunity to educate and empower children of all abilities and their families with the information and tools necessary to grow each day.
When I’m not helping other families, I enjoy the outdoors and physical fitness. I love trying new, healthy recipes (even when they don’t turn out as expected!), and spending quality time with family and friends. An avid sports fan, you can catch me cheering on some of my favorite teams, like the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, Notre Dame, the Cubs, and the Blackhawks.


*Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
DePauw University ‘92
*Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis ‘97 
*Master of Social Work
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis ‘19

*Child Centered Play Therapy Certificate with Neurorelational Emphasis, PlayStrong Institute '22

Polly Larson, MSW, LSW

Mental Health Therapist

After graduating from DePauw University with an undergraduate degree in psychology and later obtaining my nursing degree at Indiana University, I worked in psychiatric research and as a pediatric psychiatric nurse for about eight years until I began raising my own children, now in high school and college. As our children grew, my husband and I improved at helping them deal with the ups and downs of life. Those real-life lessons in parenting impelled me to return to graduate school with a passion to provide the type of counseling, education, and supportive services all children and families deserve.


I went back to school because I empathize with the needs and challenges faced by many families, and I wanted to know more about how they could be helped to navigate those sometimes-troubled waters. While obtaining my Master of Social Work degree at the Indiana University School of Social Work, I gained valuable experience leading adolescent and multi-family groups in the Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs at the St. Vincent Stress Center. I was also fortunate to work with bereaved children and teens at Brooke’s Place for Grieving Children. 

This background has provided me with a broad understanding of the physiological and psychosocial aspects of health. I have also learned effective cognitive behavioral therapies and other useful strategies for teaching children and teens to recognize their strengths, challenge their thoughts, identify and regulate their emotions, and effectively manage their behaviors.


As a Mental Health Therapist at Mini Minds, I look forward to working closely with the multidisciplinary team to help families thrive and lead their best lives! When I am not working, I love spending time with my own family and friends. I also enjoy trying out new recipes, reading, exploring the city, and going on walks with my dog, Taffy.

Work Headshot - BRowe.PNG

*Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Indiana University ‘13

*Master of Social Work

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis '17

*Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities (LEND) Fellow

Indiana University '17

Briana Rowe, MSW, LCSW

Mental Health Therapist

I’m an Indiana native, who graduated from Lawrence North High School and Indiana University Bloomington (go Hoosiers!). After graduating from IU with a degree in Psychology, I obtained my Master’s degree in Social Work. While obtaining this degree, I also had the opportunity of completing my fellowship in Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities [LEND] at the Riley Child Development Center at Riley Hospital for Children; an experience that allowed my passion for working with children [and their families] and individuals with complex medical needs to flourish.

I enjoy partnering with my clients and their families in a holistic approach, working to empower the learning and application of tips and tricks that can be added to anyone’s “mental health toolkit”. I believe that one’s mental health is just as important as one’s physical health and am grateful for the opportunity to help others on their journeys of life.

I have over 4 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and their families in Medical Social Work at Riley Hospital for Children; and utilize skills and techniques from several therapy approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, social learning, motivational interviewing, strengths-based, trauma-informed therapy, client and family-centered, empowerment, and mindfulness. I enjoy working with people of all ages and all walks of life in a supportive environment, and am looking forward to collaborating with you, your family, and the rest of Mini Minds team!

When I’m not working, I love spending time with friends, family [including my fiancé…2022 here we come!], my pup [who is not actually a puppy], trying new foods, and binge-watching a good show here and there!


*Bachelor of  Social Work

Indiana Wesleyan University '15

*Master of Social Work

Indiana University '19

Allison Musselman, MSW, LSW

Mental Health Therapist

For as long as I can remember, I have been a quiet spirit who approaches relationships gently. Like most typical high schoolers, I had no idea what I wanted to study in college, but I did know that I loved children and helping others. I bounced from elementary education to special education to psychology to speech pathology and finally, my sophomore year, took a class called Social Problems that introduced me to the world of social work. I quickly changed my major and never turned back—every lesson, concept, and value resonated deeply with me.


After graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University with my Bachelor in Social Work, I took a break and spent time as a nanny for a family expecting twin boys via surrogate and their little sister (surprise!). I grew up babysitting, and I even nannied throughout my undergraduate degree in the summer months, but this family holds a special place in my heart forever. Helping parents raise their babies is such an intimate responsibility—whether you’re a babysitter, nanny, or professional provider of sorts. The kids eventually grew into preschool age, and I had a masters degree to pursue. We remain very close, but we all had educational pursuits to chase at the time!


Nannying gave me all of the assurance in my parenting abilities. When I met my fiancé and he said he had a two year old daughter, I felt as prepared as I could be to step into their family system. I’m sure you can guess how this story goes—I had quite the awakening to what parenthood entails. There sure is power and rejuvenation in being able to go home each night as a nanny! My step daughter, along with the children I nannied for, have transformed the way that I listen and love. I truly believe that children are our biggest teachers and some of life’s most precious gifts. With any child, I believe in the power of giving them my undivided attention and allowing them to teach me. The amount of life lessons I’ve learned from humans under 5 years old is astonishing.  


After my full time nannying career ended, I attended IUPUI and earned my masters degree in social work. Upon graduation, I spent two and a half years in the realm of private adoption. Among my many responsibilities at the agency, I provided grief counseling to women who had previously placed their children for adoption. This felt like the best fit for me. My nonjudgmental approach and attention to detail seemed to resonate with the birth moms I worked with, and I felt that my purpose had never been more clear. No career sounds more fulfilling than one where I can combine my experience with therapy and my passion for children and families. The therapeutic approaches that feel most aligned with me include child and family centered, strengths-based, and motivational interviewing. I have special spots in my heart for general adjustment, grief and loss, and adoption, but I believe I can learn from and connect with anybody to create positive, lasting change.   


When I’m not working, I enjoy making crafts and playing pretend with my step daughter, visiting my “nanny babes,” baking, running, and spending time with my partner. 


*Bachelor of  Science in Psychology

Purdue University '14

*Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Indiana University '16

*Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Indiana University '17

*Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities (LEND) Fellow

Indiana University '17

Leah Van Antwerp, OTD, MS, OTR

Occupational Therapist

Having a sibling with a disability, I grew up in the waiting room of therapy offices, listening and learning strategies and games used in therapy. When I saw the benefits after copying these same techniques at home, my passion and belief in utilizing therapy to help families thrive was born. Witnessing therapy from a family perspective inspired me to become an occupational therapist.

A Hoosier native, I completed my masters and doctoral degrees in occupational therapy from Indiana University and a fellowship in neurodevelopmental disabilities at Riley Children’s Hospital. I have become especially interested in sensory processing challenges and have extensive experience assessing and addressing sensory processing needs. I enjoy incorporating yoga into my therapy, to teach children about the brain and to help them access and retain information. I am passionate about providing education, not only to the families I serve, but also to future therapy providers, as an adjunct professor at the University of Indianapolis’ School of Occupational Therapy.
I provide therapy in a client-driven, family-centered way that provides tools and takeaways for parents and children to use at home, where true change and learning takes place.
I have completed continuing education courses in reflex integration, child development,
vestibular processing, advanced courses through the American Hippotherapy Association, and am a certified kids’ yoga instructor. I practice clinic-based, equine-assisted, and aquatic pediatric occupational therapy at several locations and serve as a guest lecturer in the Indiana University Occupational Therapy Department. I have more than six years of experience in working with children and their families through adaptive sports and occupational therapy, and have extensive experience providing sensory-based treatment. 


When I am not helping families lead more peaceful, positive lives, I enjoy practicing yoga, cooking, hiking and supporting our local businesses and farms.


*Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science

Purdue University '10

*Master of Science in Occupational Therapy 

Indiana University '14

Leah Jones, MS, OTR

McCordsville Clinic Director, Occupational Therapist

I began working as an Occupational Therapist in 2014 after receiving my Masters degree in Occupational Therapy from Indiana University. I have worked with children in a variety of settings, including outpatient, inpatient, early intervention, and school systems. I have a passion for working not only with special needs children, but with their entire family units. I have had so many amazing experiences over the last 7 years working in pediatrics, but I found myself growing tired of the ever increasing push to ‘do more with less’ in the medical world. I want the quality of my therapy to be valued over the quantity of units I bill, which is an amazing benefit of joining a private practice.

At home, I’m blessed with a beautiful family. My husband and I have four amazing children who keep us very busy. I homeschool my oldest two children and run after my little ones most days. In the past, I have been a foster parent and am an adoptive parent, and I remain active in the foster care community. 

Being a foster parent taught me so much about dealing with challenging behaviors and the importance of seeing the true child struggling to do well behind those behaviors. I believe children do well when they can, and this theory along with my trauma informed care approach guide me in my OT practice. Additionally, I have a child in multiple therapies. Having been on the parent side of things has greatly impacted my approach in working with families. I have a play-based, child led approach during therapy sessions. I love having parents/caregivers and even siblings involved in therapy, as I believe that is a vital key to children making progress toward their goals. You are the expert on your child, and I believe we have to work as a team to maximize your child’s potential.

I have completed continuing education courses in trauma informed care, Sensory Integration, Beckman Oral Motor, picky eating, reflex integration, and Therapeutic Listening, among others. I enjoy staying up to date on current treatment methods, and I’m always learning from my patients and families as well!


*Bachelor of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Purdue University '18

*Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology

Indiana University '20

Taylor Ellison, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Therapist

As my junior year of high school began, I was stressed about college applications and wondering what career path I should choose. I had always enjoyed working with children, having spent summers babysitting and working as a camp counselor, but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate those into a career.


At the start of that school year, I enrolled in an American Sign Language class. It was there that my passion for language and communication began. My teacher, who was Deaf, expressed so much passion for the language and Deaf culture that I couldn’t help but want to become fully immersed and learn all that I could. Being a speech-language pathologist allows me to incorporate my passion for working with children with my love for communication and fostering meaningful connections. 

I completed my Bachelors degree at Purdue University and my Masters at Indiana University. For years I was a speech therapist in elementary schools. Working with so many kids has shown me that all children have something meaningful to communicate and that communication looks different for every child.


Incorporating a child’s strengths into therapy and watching them grow in their confidence, communication, and connection with others is my favorite part of being a speech therapist. I believe that speech, language, and communication is best fostered through natural interactions and connections. Incorporating families and individual interests into therapy is a key part in the growth and development of a child’s speech and language. 

Outside of work, I enjoy running, yoga, baking, reading, and spending time with my boyfriend and our two cats! 


*Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders

Brigham Young University ‘10


*Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology

George Washington University ‘15

Kimbre McWhorter, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Therapist

What does it mean to you to understand and to be understood? Positive experiences and relationships are built on our ability to effectively express ourselves, understand the expressions of others, and connect in meaningful ways with life and those we share it with.


For as long as I can remember, one of the greatest loves of my life has been expression. Be it talking, singing, dancing, laughing, creating art, acting out stories, learning languages, competing in sports, showing love, or any other way I could express the thoughts, feelings, and desires of my heart. Expression seems always to be the means by which I feel closest to others and most like myself. Specializing in communication, and working with others to grow and improve upon their communication skills to better access the world around them, feels like something I was born to do.


Growing up in beachy California and sunny Arizona, I moved to Utah for college where I was awed by the reality of four seasons! So much to love! During my undergraduate education, I learned American Sign Language and have since used ASL in a variety of personal and professional endeavors. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders at Brigham Young University, I had the privilege of moving from sea to shining sea, attending an incredible graduate program in Speech-
Language Pathology at The George Washington University in Washington D.C. It was there that I gained both education and experience in articulation, language, fluency, voice and resonance, swallowing, hearing, cognitive aspects of communication, social communication, and communication modalities.


Since then, I’ve worked with children and adults as an SLP in a variety of settings, including private practice, early intervention, skilled nursing facilities, preschool, and public elementary schools. In all settings and with each and every patient, student, and client, I have gained greater awareness of individuality and deeper understanding of the importance of approaching our work together from evaluation to treatment with individual identities, values, beliefs, abilities, desires, and goals in mind.


I love what I do. I look forward to supporting you and your loved ones in gaining greater access to the connection and communication you personally desire.


*Bachelor of Art in Telecommunications

Ball State University ‘04


*Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Chicago State University ‘16

TJ Hartman

Occupational Therapist

My name is TJ Hartman (short for Theodore Joseph) and I graduated with my Master’s in Occupational Therapy Science in May of 2016 from Chicago State University. My first degree, however, was a B.A. in Telecommunications in 2004 from Ball State University in Muncie, IN.

I took the “road less traveled” and worked in various sales, marketing/ promotion, and music positions while starting my family and before I found my home in Occupational Therapy while living in the Chicago area. My first 4 years as an OT I worked with adults but I've been working with children for the past 2 years. I feel extremely grateful to work in a field where I can make a significant difference in a child's life. I have experience working with children with a variety of sensory processing difficulties, developmental difficulties, and physical impairments within the last 2 years.

However, I learned to work with kids with disabilities from my own experience as a father of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. When my son turned 3 years old, he was diagnosed Autism and have focused much of my continuing education in working with children with special needs. My journey learning from other specialists that have helped my son has shaped how I approach working with children as an OT. I try to impart parents with everything we've done as a family to help my son along with the clinical experience I've had working as an OT.

When I’m not working I love traveling with my family, watching the Colts, listening to all types of music, and practicing my saxophone and piano. Fun facts about me are: I once was a part time professional musician who was honored to open for Earth, Wind, and Fire and the band Chicago, I used to work on tires for Indy cars, I have dog named Ollie, and my favorite food is pizza.


*Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Butler University '18
*Masters in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Art Therapy
University of Indianapolis ‘20

*Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Candidate

University of Indianapolis '27

Shelbi Gabbard, LMHCA, ATR-P

Mental Health & Art Therapist

When I was young, volunteering at various local organizations fueled my passion to go into a profession where I could connect with those I work with and help those around me! This inspired me to go to Butler to pursue an education in psychology, neuroscience and art. While completing my degree at Butler I discovered how art can be therapeutic to others, which made me interested in looking into becoming a Certified Art Therapist. I found when researching how it resonated with me fitting all of my passions into one and I knew that was going to be my next step. During my time at Butler, I worked at an ABA center and learned so many skills while working with amazing families. Working here and helping families navigate their world was such an honor, and solidified the field I wanted to go into. I pursued my Master's at the University of Indianapolis allowing me to apply to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Art Therapist upon graduation. During my time at the University of Indianapolis, I interned with adults and children specifically in navigating cancer and other complex medical diagnoses. 


Upon graduation, I spent a year and a half working for a youth shelter.  Among my many responsibilities at the agency, I provided trauma-focused therapy for teens and kids who were up for adoption or coming out of juvenile detention. This felt like a good fit for me as I was able to integrate art therapy and utilize a more person-centered approach to meet the kids where they were at in their lives. My person-centered approach and attention to detail seemed to allow me to connect with the kids and explore more challenges they were overcoming. I felt working here that I found  how I was able to utilize my passions to show kids who may have never experienced therapy or those that had a negative experience how therapy can benefit and how they have a voice to express themselves appropriately with art and words. 


I eventually transitioned to a position with St. Vincent Stress Center to work with teens. I found myself here being able to connect more with families and work on addressing the whole family system along with addressing the kids' needs. I feel that the time I have spent at the Stress Center fueled my passion for working with teens and kids utilizing art therapy techniques. During my time here I was able to join the Indiana Art Therapy Board as the Treasure, and continue to advocate for Art Therapy in Central Indiana. I was also able to begin teaching at the University of Indianapolis as an adjunct professor creating an opportunity to mentor and educate students going into the mental health field, which made me feel fulfilled in regards to contributing to my profession.


The therapeutic approaches I feel most aligned with, include child and family-centered, strengths-based, cognitive behavioral therapy. I love giving the kids the ability to utilize art and incorporating art into my sessions, but I understand if art is not for everyone and that is perfectly okay. My background has provided me with the tools in working with those navigating adoption, autism, depression, anxiety, and defiance, but I feel the best part of my job is learning and connecting with everyone no matter where they are on their journey. I am looking forward to collaborating with the multidisciplinary team at Mini Minds to best address you and your family's needs as a team!


When I’m not working, I enjoy creating art, traveling, hanging out with family, gardening, baking, and walking or playing with my dogs Stella, and Brutus.  


Grace Lucchese, MSW candidate

Mental Health Graduate Intern

I like to think of myself as a professional helper! For as long as I can remember I have always been the kind of person who others come to for help, advice, or just for a listening ear. It’s not a surprise to me that I ended up in this profession as social workers essentially are professional helpers. 


I strongly believe that behavior is a reaction to the environment you’re in. Kids have lots of behaviors and lots of reactions as they learn how to adapt to a new and ever-changing world. I mean, I’m still learning and adapting! But I think it’s truly a beautiful thing to be able to help others adapt and process in their environment in a healthy and effective way.


Encompassing the whole brain technique and teaching kids about how they can use their brain to get out those big emotions is something that I have seen first hand work successfully.  Along with evidence-based practices, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I would be so excited to help your little learn the skills to process those big emotions.


Together we will find tips and tricks that work best for the little because as we know, not one kid is the same. We all have different lived experiences and even in a shorter lifetime, it’s important that we individualize and cater to each kiddos needs! As Bob the Builder would say, “YES WE CAN!” 


*Bachelor of Art in Psychology

Indiana University '21


*Master of Science in Counseling Candidate

Marion University, '23

Victoria Vance, LMHC candidate

Mental Health Graduate Intern

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be in a career field where I can help others. It wasn’t until I went into my sophomore year at Indiana University (go Hoosiers!) that I knew psychology was the route for me, therefore lead me to studying clinical mental health counseling in graduate school at Marian University. I was/still am the friend that everyone comes to when they need to be heard or given support. So, when I decided to be a mental health therapist it wasn’t much of a surprise to everyone!


I have been working with kids since I was old enough to babysit at the age of 13, I always knew I wanted to continue to work with kids of any age because I love how their minds work, the energy they bring, and how unique each child is. I think it is important to see each child as a unique individual so I can use the approach in therapy that is best fit for them. I love being creative with children and letting them be their true selves and gain their trust, so they feel safe when they come to see me at Mini Minds.


When I am not at school or working with my beloved clients at Mini Minds, you can find me at the gym, spending time with family & friends, or binging a new Netflix show. Also, love spending time with my two dogs, Wilson & Hampton!

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Christina Huffines

Office Manager

I began my career as a Medical Assistant, but the longer I spent in the field the more I developed a passion for working with medical billing! For 15 years, I have worked in a few different medical offices ranging from family chiropractors to geriatric specialists. I am very excited to now find myself at Mini Minds... where insurance policy numbers and diagnosis codes are matched with tiny smiles and huge hearts! Whenever I need a break from the computer, I relax on a couch in our gym area watching everyone play and learn together. I have raised three children of my own and I am now blessed with three grandchildren, so I am no stranger to the ruckus and romping around we see here! Next to my children and grandchildren, my greatest accomplishment is founding a non-profit called Dotted Line Divas. We are a personal care/ hygiene pantry that uses extreme couponing to purchase items for our families!

Megan Peck

Kathleen Yohe

Administrative Assistant

I taught 5th grade at St Joan of Arc for four years and then as a 3rd grade teacher and elementary Math specialist for five years at The Orchard School. Upon the birth of our middle of three children, Paige, I was thrust into a new world of medical needs, therapies, advocating, and a desire to learn more about health and wellness. Paige was born with Down syndrome. I believe in her wholeheartedly, just as I did my students when I was teaching. With the right supports in place, any child, any person can be successful. I am happy to be a part of Mini Minds working to serve families in finding supports to aid in their growth.