Counseling children

Speech Language Pathology

Our licensed speech language pathologists are passionate about helping children learn how to appropriately and effectively express their thoughts and feelings, as well as empowering peers and parents to better understand what children are saying and doing. Areas of expertise include apraxia, expressive language delay,  articulation and motor speech disorders, word-finding disorders, auditory processing disorders, stuttering, and oral-motor disorders.

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Social Think Tank Groups

Fall Class Times TBD, contact to stay in the know!

Our social skills groups will not only help your child better understand themselves and the unique way their brain works, they will also teach your child to better navigate the complex and sometimes unpredictable social world around them! Your child will learn about the different parts of their brain and how they work with their eyes and ears to take in information from the environment. This awareness will empower your child to figure out various social cues and develop appropriate responses. Developing these strategies will help your problem solve sticky social situations and foster quality social relationships. 

*Cost is $75 per month where there are 4 sessions, $60 per month where there are 3 sessions

**Virtual and in-person options are both available! Contact to learn more.