"My 6 year old struggles with ADHD and some sensory issues and we decided to introduce him to Megan this year to help him understand who he is and give him his own 'tools' to take control of his world. My husband and I knew he is a bright and loving boy but we didn’t always know how to help him with self control in the classroom or in social settings. Megan has created a world of empowerment and adaptation instead of limitation and impairment.  They played games, created a book about my son’s brain, and supplied my husband and me with simple tasks to keep up the work at home. She also worked directly with my son’s teacher to implement these tools in the classroom and attended our IEP meeting to help integrate the tools into the classroom for next year! Now we live in a world where we know how to communicate with our son and can enjoy our time as a family. Megan has changed our lives and we adore her for it!"

~ Norah from Fishers 

"I started seeing Megan because I was struggling with finding balance in my life as a special needs mom. When I first started working with Megan, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and low self-esteem and she had a gentle way of pointing out my strengths and giving me a “tool box” for those stressful moments. Everything she suggested was simple in technique and easy to incorporate into my hectic life. It has brought me so much peace and comfort and the hectic has washed away to a more peaceful way of living. Megan is someone I can truly be myself with and I feel so safe telling her what is going on with me."

Hannah from Fishers

"Our work with Megan has been truly life changing. It has completely transformed the way we parent and approach interactions with all of our children and has had such a profound, positive impact in our home. We sought her services due to our oldest child experiencing significant anxiety and insecurity due to a number of preceding factors. The daily energy in our home was tense, our time was spent anticipating the next meltdown or conflict and putting out fires. We came to Megan thinking she'd work with our son and instead she taught us how to approach him, parent a child with attachment issues, bring peace to our home and have fun again! We have put in a lot of hard work and it isn't done but it has paid off in so many ways. Our son has gone from 4-5 nightly meltdowns to 1 every other month, which is completely age appropriate! He is experiencing decreased anxiety and attention seeking behavior and has increased his ability to express his feelings to us. We finally feel like a family unit now, when at times we thought we might never feel that way, so we are so happy with our progress!"

~ Jessica from Indianapolis

"We sought out Megan for my 8 year old daughter. While extremely bright, we were experiencing a lot of behavioral issues with her, specifically emotional meltdowns that seemed very extreme for her age.  When researching and seeking a LCSW, we came upon Megan and after we read her bio that included counseling for siblings of those with special needs, it seemed like a perfect fit as we have a younger son on the Autism Spectrum. Shortly after starting sessions with Megan, we discovered my daughter to have ADHD which really explained some of the behavior we were seeing. Megan found out that my daughter loves art and has utilized that in her counseling which my daughter highly enjoys. She is creative with her approach and manages to connect and present solutions in a positive way and my daughter has responded so well. We've managed to identify and play up my daughter's strengths and also tackle her weaknesses at the same time. Megan has made tons of resources available to us and is truly invaluable as a counselor and mentor to my daughter. Reaching out to her was the best thing we have done for our family!"

~ Cate from Carmel 

"Megan saved my son's life. Up until my son was 11 years old, we thought he was like any other child. He made friends easily, enjoyed playing with peers, spending time with family and participating in extra-curricular activities. He was quick witted and highly intelligent. However, by the time our son started 6th grade, the friends he had had suddenly started distancing themselves. They started saying mean things to his face, and our son was worried they were talking about him behind his back too. At home, we noticed he was isolated himself, feeling moody more often and began to get aggressive. He threw fits whenever school was mentioned and battled going to school each morning. He started talking about how he would be better off dead. We were so scared and confused. We tried to get help at his school but that proved useless. We tried several private therapists but he refused to talk or would get very angry. We were desperate. Then we found Megan.  She was able to immediately connect with our son through her gentle, compassionate, and genuine ways. He actually began to talk to her! Our son learned how to change his negative thoughts to positive thoughts. His self-esteem improved and he began to open up. After a couple months of counseling, he was able to write a journal filled with self-affirmations and a reflection of his growth. It was amazing! He was changing. It felt like a miracle and still does. As time went on, he hit some hurdles, but Megan was always there to help and get us back on track. As parents, she helped us learn how to talk to him in a way that he could connect with us. She taught us how to redirect our responses to avoid defensive responses, but instead encourage him to share appropriately and effectively share his feelings. Our son eventually was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. The diagnosis came hard for us to hear as parents, but with Megan's continued support and guidance, we made it through! We no longer felt alone. Our son, since he was in a better mental state, seemed to feel relieved that there was a diagnosis that made sense. Now we can identify most of the triggers that make him upset and develop accommodations to help him succeed. I cannot say it has been an easy road, but with all of Megan's help we are on a better, more hopeful path prepared with the tools and knowledge to help our son be the best he can be. Our son came from being highly anxious, making threats of self-harm, being aggressive and non-verbal pre-teen to a happier, stronger, more social, more stable teenager who participates in the choir, Pokemon League and is an honors student. He even became choir president in 7th grade and has been able to sing solos in front of audiences! We are so thankful for Megan. Our lives were in despair and now there is hope and happiness all due to Megan. I would tell anyone who needs help to reach out to Megan as soon as they can. She really cares and never gives up!"

~ Kelly from Fishers