Our children are each unique and beautiful, but they can also be frustrating and exhausting. One minute they can fill our hearts with pride and the next minute test our willpower like no one else on this earth. But at the end of the day, we love our sons and daughters more than anything — it’s getting through the day that proves to be the challenge. Too often, the traditional ways we are taught to nurture our children are not always enough to help them thrive. Instead, parents and children can feel as though they are merely surviving. 


Raising a child, or “mini mind,” to be responsible, respectful and resilient is hard work. The kind of love and support that nourishes your child is different from any other parents’ set of tools, strategies or practices for their children. My goal is to engage in a transformative relationship with families to discover deep insights about their child’s brain, what it needs to be successful, and how to foster its development to reach its fullest potential. I use a combination of evidence-based approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, behavior modification therapy, play therapy, and psychoeducation to treat a wide-range of common childhood, adolescent, and parenting struggles.


  • anxiety

  • depression

  • mood disorders

  • behavior disorders

  • adjustment issues

  • gifted & talented

  • attention deficits (ADD & ADHD)

  • autism spectrum disorders

  • social skills & peer relationships

  • sensory processing & self-regulation

  • executive functioning

  • anger management

  • self esteem

  • grief & loss

  • bonding, attachment & empathy 

  • other social, emotional & behavioral issues


We can all agree that being a parent is very rewarding! However, we may also admit that it is also one of the most challenging times in our life. Are you tired of doubting if you are a “good enough” parent? There is no such thing as the “perfect parent,” but you can find your perfect approach to parenting! Whether you are tending to your infant's hourly needs of feeding and sleeping or teaching your child or adolescent the multitude of skills they will need to be independent adults, you may find times in your life where you feel overwhelmed. Many adults struggle with anxiety and depression as they progress through parenthood. Left untreated, mental health disorders can have devastating effects on not only the parent, but the children, the marriage, and the entire family system.