Little children and their teacher practi

Yoga Classes

These are not your typical children’s yoga classes! What sets us apart is that your child will be learning about the cohesiveness of mind and body, in a fun and inviting atmosphere, led by licensed clinicians and brain experts. We are able to teach the science behind how our bodies and minds work, while professionally assessing each child’s abilities and tailoring the process to meet their specific needs. Contact to register today!

Preschool Mini Yogis

Tuesdays from 11:15am-12pm

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Come stretch, run, jump, and climb in our preschool yoga and movement-based
sensorimotor class! Each lesson will have a creative and engaging theme that
purposefully follows a developmental sequence that includes vestibular,
proprioceptive, balance, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor activities. Led by our
licensed therapists and certified kids yoga instructors, this class is great for preschoolers at
every skill level. Your child will learn how to regulate between energizing activities
such as running and jumping, and calming activities like yoga and mindfulness.

*Cost is $70 per month with 4 sessions or $55 per month with 3 sessions

Beginner & Intermediate Yoga

Tuesdays from 5pm-5:45pm

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Teaching your child how to protect and boost their brainpower is an invaluable skill that they will utilize into adulthood and beyond! The perfect intro to our yoga-based brain-body series, this class explores the fantastic, elastic brain. Led by the experts on the latest brain research, your child will benefit from our smaller group sizes and licensed therapists and certified kids yoga instructors. Knowing how the brain works helps us better deal with emotions and reactive behavior, as well as shows us how we can grow our brains and improve function! Your child will learn yoga poses, mantras, breathing exercises, and other mindfulness techniques, while gaining insight about the areas of the brain, including the thinking and feeling parts, as well as how the brain communicates with the rest of the body. This class is designed for children in kindergarten to third grade. Five-year-olds who have completed Preschool Yoga or a Yoga Workshop may join with clinician's recommendation.

*Cost is $75 per month  with 4 sessions or *$60 per month with 3 sessions

Intermediate & Advanced Yoga

Launching this spring!

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This class uses yoga to teach children that intelligence can be developed. The brain is malleable and it can be made smarter and stronger with challenge. We offer a variety of fun yoga-based activities to develop a love for learning and a shift in focus. Instead of interpreting mistakes as a sign they lack talent or intelligence, your child will see it as an opportunity to grow and increase their brainpower. Perfect for children in elementary school, our licensed clinicians and certified kids yoga instructors use yoga as a medium to create attainable challenges, present opportunities to face obstacles, and model positive attitudes to teach your child how to accept constructive criticism and minimize failures. This class is for children in third grade to fifth grade, or those who have completed Beginner Yoga with clinician's recommendation.

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Advanced Yoga & Beyond

Launching this summer!

Even young children get worried and feel stress. This class uses yoga to teach your child how to nurture positive thoughts and find healthy ways to calm and quiet their minds. They will learn to pay attention to their body and mind, build strength and balance, and acknowledge and name current sensations and feelings. Our licensed clinicians and certified kids yoga instructors incorporate books, art, group games, partner poses and journaling to identify emotions, learn about stress management and self-regulation, while utilizing physical activities to retain and access knowledge and information for better problem- solving. This class is for children who have completed Intermediate Yoga, per clinician's recommendation.

Monthly Yoga Workshops

Two Sundays per month from 1-3pm

Little children and their teacher practi

Interested in trying yoga at Mini Minds but not ready to commit to a full session? Love yoga at Mini Minds but already have an overloaded after school schedule? Then our Sunday workshops are perfect for you! Come meet our certified kids yoga instructors, who are also licensed clinicians at our practice. Each month our workshop will have a different theme - from affirmations, to mindset, to mindfulness and everything in between!

*Cost is $40 per workshop

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