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Yoga Workshops

Here at Mini Minds we value the development of grit, growth mindset, mindfulness and meditation in all our children! Does your child take on challenges? Does your child know how to critically think about a problem? Does your child persevere when the solution seems out of reach? Does your child know how to keep their hopes high and their thoughts positive, even in the face of unkindness? Our children are faced with several opportunities each day to reframe how to approach challenges and problem solve sticky situations. We know these are the most formative years in your child's life and the skills and tools they learn now will serve them for the rest of their academic career and into adulthood. Let's work together to empower our children with the emotional intelligence to be the change and make a difference!


Our team has developed several engaging literacy-based yoga workshops that meet several of Indiana's Social-Emotional Learning Competencies for elementary school, including growth mindset, persistence, resilience, emotional awareness, empathy development, perspective taking, problem solving, self regulation, & understanding of the connection between the mind and the body. Our Certified Child Yoga Instructors, who are also licensed clinicians at our practice, will teach your child about the cohesiveness of the mind and body in a fun and inviting atmosphere.


Price per child is $35 and includes a healthy snack and craft to carryover learning to home. To register your child for a yoga workshop, please contact today!

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"SNOWGA" on Saturday December 18th or Sunday December 19th 


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"COCOA YOGA" on Saturday December or Sunday December 


"Winter Solstice" Restorative Yoga on Tuesday December 21st from 6-7:30pm



"Lemonade Hurricane" Meditation Workshop on Wednesday June 23rd from 5-7pm

When a glass of lemonade is stirred, the pulp swirls around. When it sits quietly, the pulp settles and the liquid becomes clear. In this way, a glass of lemonade is a metaphor for how meditation and mindfulness work. At this yoga workshop, your child will learn how practicing mindfulness and meditation helps us all tame the hurricane within. To carryover learning at home, every child will create a lemon-themed glitter bottle. Click here to view pics from our last "Lemonade Hurricane" workshop!


"I Think, I Am" Affirmation Workshop on Wednesday June 30th from 5-7pm

Your thoughts create your life! In this yoga workshop, your child will learn the difference between a negative thought and a positive affirmation. Through yoga and other movement activities, we will practice catching our negative thoughts, checking our thoughts to see if they are true, and changing our thoughts to ensure we are growing our confidence. Your child will learn heart-opening yoga poses and a guided meditation to use kind words not only with others, but also themselves. To carryover learning at home, every child will create a mala bracelet or keychain. Click here to view pics from our last "I Am" workshop!


"Four Pebbles" Meditation Workshop on Wednesday July 7th from 5-7pm

In this workshop, your child will learn a pebble meditation that includes strategies to relieve stress, increase concentration, nourish gratitude, and deal with difficult emotions. Buddhist peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh first designed this playful and fun activity to introduce Vietnamese children to the practice of meditation! Today this Zen Master is revered around the world for his powerful teachings and bestselling writings on mindfulness and peace. Now your child can have access to his key life lesson: through mindfulness, we can learn to live happily in the present moment—the only way to truly develop peace, both in one’s self and in the world! To carryover learning at home, every child will decorate four rocks with an image from nature: flower, mountain, water and space.


"Your Fantastic Elastic Brain" Mindset Workshop on Friday July 9th from 9-11am

*Special Guest ~ Dr. Nerissa Bauer, Founder of Let's Talk Kids Health*

Did you know you can stretch and grow your brain? Or that making mistakes is one of the best ways the brain learns? In this yoga workshop, your child will learn all the ways that the brain can develop with exercise, just like the rest of our bodies. This is the perfect introduction to the anatomy and functions of the brain that will empower your mini yogi to stretch and grow their fantastic, elastic brain! To carryover learning at home, every child will make stretchy dough that can be used to both alert and calm their amygdalas.


"The Book of Mistakes" Creativity Workshop on Wednesday July 14th from 5-7pm

In a world where perfectionism appears to be coveted and even celebrated, it's hard to remember that mistakes help you learn. In this yoga workshop, children will explore the creative process where accidental splotches, spots, and other misshapen things can be twisted and turned it unexpected yet intriguing ways as long as you have a positive outlook. Through a variety of activities, these mini yogis will experience how even the biggest mistakes can be the source of their brightest ideas! To carryover learning at home, every child will create a journal full of "mistakes" to take home & transform into inspiration.


"Just Ask" Acceptance Workshop on Wednesday July 21st from 5-7pm

*Special Guest ~ Denisse Jensen, Executive Director of GiGi's Playhouse*

Feeling different, especially as a kid, can be tough! But in the same way that different types of plants and flowers make a garden more beautiful and enjoyable, different types of people make our world more vibrant and wonderful. Your child will learn how to respect their differences in others while celebrating their own uniqueness. We all have a special gift to give this world, what will your child's be? To carryover learning at home, every child will create a tissue paper stained glass jar.


"I Am Human" Empathy Workshop on Friday July 23rd from 9-11am

*Special Guest ~ Sarah Livingston, School Resource Officer for Carmel Clay*

Being a human means we are full of possibility! We all learn, we all dream, we all wonder. And every human also makes mistakes, feels scared, and experiences sadness. In this yoga workshop, your child will explore how making good choices, acting with compassion, and having empathy for ourselves can help us to find common ground with others. When we find common ground, we feel more connected to the world around us and mindfully strive to be our best selves and make the world a better place!  To carryover learning at home, every child will design a mosaic tile collage. 


"My Magic Breath" Resilience Workshop on Wednesday July 28th from 5-7pm

*Special Guest ~ Stephanie Whiteside, Carmel Clay District Mental Health Coordinator

 Like magic, you can feel better just by breathing! In a world that is sometimes too busy, with too many things going on, teaching the power of the Magic Breath will help steer children into a serene space of mindfulness, self-awareness, and balance. Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy, but in this yoga workshop your child will learn how to use their breath to make angry or sad thoughts disappear. To carryover learning at home, every child will create a rainbow windsock.

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"How Do You Dance" Expression Workshop on Friday July 30th from 9-11am

*Special Guest ~ Ashley Thibodeau, Owner of The Ballet Studio of Carmel

There are so many ways to dance! You can jiggle or wiggle or stomp. You can bop or bounce or go completely nuts. You can dance at the market or the bus stop, with your fingers or your face. You can dance because you’re happy or even because you’re sad. But, what’s the best way to dance? Exactly how you want to! In this yoga workshop, your child will learn how to use music and movement to express their emotions and regulate their bodies while growing their confidence in their self-control. To carryover learning at home, every child will make their own rainbow dancing ribbon.


"Dream Drum Girl" Resilience Workshop on Wednesday August 4th from 5-7pm

*Special Guest ~ Jessica Beer, Founder of The Urban Chalkboard

 Drumming is one of the most valuable regulatory activities available to both our bodies and our minds! Through drumming, children (and adults!) can sort through confusing emotions, invite a calmer state of mind, and improve impulse control. In this yoga workshop, your child with learn regulatory beats for a variety of overwhelming emotions, inspiring them to see beyond any perceived limitations and be free to drum & dream! To carryover learning at home, every child will make a dream catcher.

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"The Hugging Tree" Yoga Hike on Friday August 6th from 9-11am

 Childhood often is a carefree time, however from time to time, children must deal with difficulties. These struggles may stem from minor disappointments like losing game, to more significant emotional upsets like surviving a global pandemic. In this workshop, your child will learn about the resilience of a tree. They will discover how to recognize this potential in themselves: the ability to thrive despite times of struggle, to nurture a spark of hope and resolve, and to dream and grow, just where they are. To carryover learning at home, every child will design mantras on tree slices. This Yoga Hike takes place at Cool Creek Park. Click here to view pics from our last "The Hugging Tree" workshop!

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"A Little Spot of Peace" Calm Workshop on Sunday August 8th from 1-3pm

When the world feels overwhelming, children must learn how to first identify the emotion, because each emotion has a different way of being managed. Then, it will then be easier for you to guide it towards a peaceful spot. In this workshop, your child will explore what activities bring them peace. Then, they will design their own peaceful spot for coping. To carryover learning at home, every child will design their own tapestry to serve as the foundation for their calm space.

"Giving & Receiving" Yoga Workshop Series

on Monday December 20th, Tuesday December 21st & Wednesday December 22nd from 9:30-11:30am

and Monday December 27th, Tuesday December 28th & Wednesday December 29th from 9:30-11:30am

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