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Yoga Workshops

Here at Mini Minds we value the development of grit, growth mindset, mindfulness and meditation in all our children! Does your child take on challenges? Does your child know how to critically think about a problem? Does your child persevere when the solution seems out of reach? Does your child know how to keep their hopes high and their thoughts positive, even in the face of unkindness? Our children are faced with several opportunities each day to reframe how to approach challenges and problem solve sticky situations. We know these are the most formative years in your child's life and the skills and tools they learn now will serve them for the rest of their academic career and into adulthood. Let's work together to empower our children with the emotional intelligence to be the change and make a difference!


Our team has developed several engaging yoga workshops that meet several of Indiana's Social-Emotional Learning Competencies for elementary school, including growth mindset, persistence, resilience, emotional awareness, empathy development, perspective taking, problem solving, self regulation, & understanding of the connection between the mind and the body. Our Certified Child Yoga Instructors, who are also licensed clinicians at our practice, will teach your child about the cohesiveness of the mind and body in a fun and inviting atmosphere.


Price per child is $40 and includes a healthy snack and craft to carryover learning to home. To register your child for a yoga workshop, please contact today!


"Planting Seeds" Spring Awakening Workshop on Saturday March 26th from 10:30am-12:30pm

The more we learn to connect with the outer seasons, the more we can also notice our inner seasons! The Spring typically brings us signs of changes, such as flowers budding, butterflies emerging, and birds building nests. These events are all centered around new growth, welcoming the change of the weather, and new life. This yoga workshop will include balancing poses, transforming flows, and a special potted plant craft!


"Rainbow Connections" Chakras Workshop on Sunday April 3rd from 1-3pm

Rainbows are made of light and light is energy! As children learn to connect to their own energy through practicing yoga and mindfulness, we can help them explore their inner rainbow chakras. Many traditional practices correspond the colors of the rainbow to various energy centers, or chakras, in our bodies. Exploring these various energies nurtures a child’s growing self-awareness and helps create language around how they are feeling. This ability to understand oneself and communicate with others also promotes confidence, empathy and emotional regulation. To carryover this practice at home, each child will design a colorful crystal suncatcher.


"Upside Down & Inside Out" Inversions Workshop on Saturday April 9th from 10:30am-12:30pm

Do your children sometimes get into a mental funk and seem consumed with negative thoughts? One way to help alter their thoughts is to practice yoga inversions! Did you know that yoga inversions are beneficial both physically and mentally? Inversions help strengthen muscles as well as build confidence. And when we are feeling moody or dysregulated on our insides, yoga inversions help change our perspectives by taking us outside of our mind and upside down. When your head is below your heart, the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain increases, which then increases circulation and builds energy. To carryover this practice at home, each child will design an affirmation mirror.

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"Hugging Tree" Balance Workshop on Saturday April 16th from 10:30am-12:30pm

 Childhood often is a carefree time, however from time to time, children must deal with difficulties. These struggles may stem from minor disappointments like losing game, to more significant emotional upsets like surviving a global pandemic. In this workshop, your child will learn about the resilience of a tree. They will discover how to recognize this potential in themselves: the ability to thrive despite times of struggle, to nurture a spark of hope and resolve, and to dream and grow, just where they are. To carryover this practice at home, every child will design mantras on tree slices. 


"Root to Rise" Earth Day Yoga Hike on Sunday April 24th from 1-3pm

Drawing energy up from the earth, we root to ground, to find strength. Then we rise as we become heartful, kind to ourselves, others and the world around us. If we rise without rooting, we lose our capacity to be firm and our ability to be fearless as we expand. If we simply root, we never know the expansive possibilities of our human experience. To carry over this practice at home, every child will design seed paper crafts. This Yoga Hike takes place at Cool Creek Park. 

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"Mamaste" Mother's Day Workshop on Saturday May 7th from 10:30am-12:30pm

It's a special yoga class for mothers and their minis! Through playful partner poses, family friendly flows, connecting games, and a relaxing savasana, mothers and their minis will work together while limbering up their minds and bodies! To carryover this practice at home, every mother-mini duo will design a mosaic tile frame.

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"Little Hands" Mudra Workshop on Saturday May 14th from 10:30am-12:30pm

Mudras help children focus, relax, and balance. These hand positions are usually practiced with yoga, breathing, relaxation, or meditation, but what is amazing about mudras is they can be practiced anywhere and anytime! Research shows us that mudras engage certain areas in the brain, creating a brain-body connection. When children place their hands in different hand positions it can activate a certain state of mind.  Therefore, mudras can positively affect how your child feels, making them a great tool for children to help regulate how they are feeling! To carryover learning at home, every child will design a mudra canvas and temporarily tattoo their hands to match.

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"Here Comes the Sun Salutations" on Sunday May 22nd from 1-3pm

Awaken your child's spirit in this invigorating and inspiring practice to welcome the sun and summer! We will be moving through sun salutations, warrior poses, heart openers, forward folds, and crow pose to show your child how to bring energy to their heart and make the day count. After practicing sun salutations, children will notice they feel more awake and yet relaxed, and we will point to the sun salutation not only as a mindful way to start the morning routine, but also possible activity to do before something important, such as a big test, project or game! To carryover learning at home, every child will design a tissue paper suncatcher.